Ariadne’s Thread Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Ariadne’s Thread Mod

Adriane’s Thread Mod is a really great and useful mod which every fan of Minecraft should have in their collection of mods. Have you ever lost in some where you don’t know how to escape from that and find or come back to a known point? Every one get this situation surely will feel specially annoying. You can be stucked there for several hours which no one want. Understand these cases, Adriane’s Thread Mod is designed to give a perfect solution. Basically, with this mod installed, you can set a start point and whenever you get stucked, you can come back there. It sounds simple, however it is significantly useful for those who are in where they don’t know.

Ariadne’s Thread Mod Ariadne’s Thread Mod

As recommended above, you won’t be disappointed when installing this mod for sure. It is worth giving it a try and download. Get it and enjoy now!

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    • Default activation key is P and you can modify it in the option menu. Hit it again to deactivate the mod.

    How to install Ariadne’s Thread Mod?

    • Download Forge and this mod!
    • Find in %appdata%/.minecraft, mods folder.
    • Move the mod jar/zip file to .minecraft/mods
    • Have fun!

    Download Links for Ariadne’s Thread Mod

    for Minecraft 1.7.2 – Request Minecraft Forge API


Credit: Iron_Pike – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum