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Assassin’s Creep Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

The Assassin’s Creep Map is a great open-world Parkour map for Minecraft and it’s specifically designed to look like the popular game – Assassin’s Creed. As having this map, you will have to play in goal of collecting 9 diamonds by finishing objectives and challenges. And you also need to be sure of using the Assassini Costruttori texture pack as playing with this Assassin’s Creep Map. Well, this texture pack alone enables you to construct very detailed historical Renaissance builds such as Italian villas, scenes from Assassin’s Creed, etc but these must be made outside the map because no building is permitted.

Assassin’s Creep Map

Assassin’s Creep Map

Floating above each objective that you have to complete on this map is a different colored block. There’re 9 in total with 4 Tomb challenges, 3 Tower challenges, and 2 climbing challenges.

  • The 3 tower challenges are marked by red blocks
  • The 4 tomb challenges are marked by green blocks
  • The 2 climbing challenges are marked by blue blocks
  • Yellow blocks are spawn points

After completing all of these challenges, then you can move to the final dungeon and complete the mission in this Assassin’s Creep Map.

Assassin’s Creep Map

Assassin’s Creep Map

Despite the fact that the city is mapped out for these challenges, note that all the areas surrounding it are not. That was done by its authors to keep the file size at a moderate of 5mb. The map, made for Minecraft 1.8.1, is available to be used in both multiplayer and single player modes. In multiplayer, we can play as tag-team, picking up where the last left off, as well as finish the challenges and dungeon in co-operation. Also, time challenges could be a great choice to take on in multiplayer too.

Assassin’s Creep Map

Before starting the game, don’t forget to take a look at some following rules for the map, including:

  • Do not break any blocks
  • Do not place any blocks
  • Do not use mods
  • It is recommended to use the texture pack that goes with the game – Assassini Costruttori

How to install Assassin’s Creep Map?

  1. Download the map file.
  2. Go to .minecraft/saves.
  3. Unzip the map file here.

Download Links for Assassin’s Creep Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

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