Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack for Minecraft


In common, Minecraft mods are independent pieces of coding and scripting. However, they sometimes have resource packs which were designed specifically in order to be used with them. Dante’s Roguelike resource pack was made to work with the Battlegear 2 mod, which brings a lot of new weapons and armor pieces to Minecraft. Without that mod, you still can use this pack to change up the look of many aspects of the game, including item icons and the vanilla weapons and armor. There are some weapons that have video game references built right into them.

Althought you won’t be able to see them without other mods installed, Dante’s Roguelike pack also features many new shield images and icons to beef up the stuff you find in Battlegear 2. Some armor images are actually borrowed from another pack like Coterie Craft Valkyrie RPG. This pack can be called as a mixture of several other packs and mods, but it does enough unique stuff to make it an exclusive pack while borrowing content from several different sources. The fact is that you might have never seen a pack like this before.

With a low resolution of 32x, Dante’s Roguelike is a light resource pack that most Minecraft players could run without getting any significant slowdown in loading or rendering times. Because this pack was made to use with the Battlegear 2 mod, you aren’t going to see most of the content added by the pack without the mod installed. It still looks nice alone, but it looks amazing when used with Battlegear 2.

NOTE: This is a texture pack specifically designed for the mod Battlegear 2 mod !

Download Links for Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Dantes Roguelike v0.6.4.zip

Credit: MikuDesu