Dendrology Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Dendrology Mod

If you are looking for a mod which brings leagues of new vegetation to Minecraft world, the Dendrology mod is a great idea for you. In general, this mod comes with thirteen new types of tree. Each tree has wood block and plank textures. I can name some trees in this mod as oak, spruce, birch, etc. Besides, these trees have also own unique heights, sizes and shapes. So, players can easily tell them apart.

Dendrology Mod Dendrology Mod

Not only does this mod add more types of tree into Minecraft, but also it makes players have more options for builders. In particularly, more new types of tree means more types of wood and shrubs and bushes for making builders. In additions, you can also use these wood to craft table, make sticks or crappy wood tools. It is easy to say that Dendrology is very useful for players and makes life easier.

Dendrology Mod Dendrology Mod

A very nice point to be notable in the Dendrology is that you will find tree and their leaves appear in a range of different colors such as purples, blue and more that you have never seen before in Minecraft world. It means that you can completely make own custom worlds as you want. There are not many mods can do that in Minecraft. It is a must to say that new types of wood can make significant affect on world generation, so remember to save everything before installing this mod. Overall, this is a fresh nice mod which will give players a chance to have new experience in Minecraft. If you want to find something new, just check and enjoy it.

Dendrology Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

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  • All saplings are now added to chests.
  • Improved Forestry integration.
  • Removed compile time dependency on The Chisel jar.

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for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Forge Required

Credit: scottkillen