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HerrSommer Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

Being the lastest version of HerrSommer’s realistic resource pack, HerrSommer resource pack comes with more great updates for players. This pack is also compatible with Minecraft version 1.8. Similar with the highlight feature HerrSommer , this resource pack brings the dull and flat textures  to Minecraft world. Everything looks so good from common dirt to cobblestone. That makes this pack so attractive for Minecraft fans. However, it is not all to say about this pack.

HerrSommer Resource Pack HerrSommer Resource Pack

In addition, HerrSommer resource pack gives a fully updated GUI and user interface to Minecraft world. Everything here is improved significantly, so they look much more wonderful than normal. Armor, in-game art, the font for chat, monsters, particle effect, terrain and so many things are changed and upgraded thank to this resource pack. It is absolutely easy to say that developer pays much effort to this pack and makes it become famous highlight comprehensive among other resource packs.

HerrSommer Resource Pack HerrSommer Resource Pack

This is a very nice pack when it comes with a resolution of 64x. It means that players can easily own this pack without any bugs or lag while still having good pack. We can not deny it’s fame through a large amount of download – it is about 200,000 downloads. This is also an expected pack of many players. One thing need to be said about this pack is that players don’t have any difficulties to tell apart different types of villagers because they are designed with different faces. Overall, HerrSommer is worth pack being in your collection of Minecraft resource pack. Get it and hope you have funny relaxed time with this pack install. Enjoy it right now!

HerrSommer Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs

  • Added nearly all 1.8 textures.
  • Biomecolors are still default.
  • Added ctm-support.
  • Corrected some small wrong pixels.

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