Improved First Person Mod for Minecraft

Improved First Person

It’s not too hard for players to guest what the Improved First Person mod does with only the name, and that’s absolutely a sign you’ve got an easy-to-understand mod. Minecraft is already played in the first person perspective by default, but it leaves a lot to be desired such as things like arms behind the detached hands floating right in front of your eyes. By allowing the player to look down and see arms or a chest, this mod aims to improve the player’s interface with the world surrounding them.

Improved First Person

Improved First Person

Improved First Person

The Improved First Person mod is quite small, admittedly. It’s also one of rare mods for Minecraft today which performs this function. It is a speciality which makes this mod stand out from others even if it is limited by its coding to running only on older Minecraft versions. Because this mod is designed for 1.6.4, you can’t use it on newer Minecraft clients. However, that can not keep you away from turning back your game version in your player profile and giving it a whirl. You’ll be interested in a sort of rounding of your vision as well to give you the peripheral Minecraft never included.

Improved First Person

Improved First Person

Only this thing makes the Improved First Person mod worth trying since it is really useful in preventing creepers from sneaking up on you. When you can see things out of the corners of your eyes easily instead of having some strange tunnel vision forced on your perspective, it means you are allowed to dodge quite a few hazards, not just exploding creepers. The added vision and the more realistic movement and running might take a little getting used to at the beginning, but this mod still brings a lot of fun for Minecraft.

How to install Improved First Person Mod?

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  • Install Forge & RenderPlayer API
  • Copy the .jar for Improved First Person to the mods folder.
  • Have fun!


Download Links for Improved First Person Mod

for Minecraft 1.6.4


Credit: Zaggy1024 – Original Thread on CursForge.