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Installing Forge Mods Tutorial for Minecraft

Minecraft Forge API is a mod loader, a tool that you can use to easily install a number of different mods; enable and disable your mods; as well as keep track of them. Minecraft Forge is possibly the most common mod loader tool among Minecraft players. Therefore, mod creators tend to make their mod compatible with Minecraft Forge.


You’ll need to have Forge installed before it can be used to install or manage your mods. Here are the steps for Forge installation:

  1. You must play the game at least once. The mods won’t work on a freshly-installed game without any playing time.
  2. Download the installation file. You can find the download link right here, or you can visit the developer at http://minecraftio.com/forge-modloader/.
  3. There’s a .jar file. Run it and click the Install Client button. There is another button for installing servers as well, but if you’re not hosting your own server, just ignore it.
  4. You should get the message “Successfully installed Forge build xxxxx”. Start your launcher and you’ll see a new profile named ‘Forge’.
  5. Select this profile when you want to install or uninstall your mods, or play the modded version of your game.

Next you’ll need to find mods you want to add to your game. You can start your search in our website. Just download anything you like and move the mods into the “Mods” folder in your Minecraft directory. Launch Minecraft again and you should see the mods when you click the mods button.

Forge will detect the mods in the Mods folder and inform you which mods are incompatible with one another. Forge is highly recommended by the majority of Minecraft players because it is efficient and easy to use.

Mods can bring about a completely different game to Minecraft. You can create a new world; add in new technologies; alter, upgrade, and add new containers; provide new items and skills; or maybe just twist around the appearance of the game. There is no limit to what Minecraft can do.

However, not all mods work with Minecraft Forge, so make sure that you grasp the information on the mods from the developers before installing them. Normally, if a mod is not compatible with Forge, there will be a note on which loader it works with.