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Installing Resource Packs Tutorial for Minecraft

Resource Packs bring about new contents that change the appearance of the game. Resource Packs provide no new gameplay whatsoever. The purpose of the mod is purely cosmetic. However, the texture of Minecraft can be vastly improved by installing Resource Packs. These packs’ resolution can be as low as 8x or as high as 512x or even higher. Higher resolution will provide better texture, details, and even sound quality as well.

minecraft resource packs installation

Installing Resource Packs is super easy and should not cost anytime at all. Possibly, the most time-consuming process is finding the packs that you want. Our website provides plenty of mods for you to choose from. As you download a pack into your device, you should see that the download is a .zip file (there can be other files as well, but the .zip file is all you need to care about). After that, start Minecraft, go to Options, then Resource Packs and finally click the open resource pack folder button. This will open the heart of your Minecraft folder. Just place your download right here and you’re set to go.

You can do this no matter what system or version of the game you’re playing on. You can choose to manually find the packs folder in the game directory. But without a doubt that would take more effort. Plus, any error in the process can lead to the game malfunctioning. Just follow the instruction above and your packs should work properly whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux.

Turning on a resource pack once it is installed is also easy. Just follow the same process you would follow to install a pack, except when you get to the resource packs window in Minecraft, you don’t press the open folder button. You’ll see a list of installed resource packs running down the left side of your screen, as well as a list of currently implemented resource packs on the right side of your screen. You can use more than one resource pack at once. Some of them are actually meant to go with each other.

To turn on your resource pack, just click the icon on the left side for the pack you want. This will move it over to the right side of your screen, effectively implementing it. After this, exit the resource packs window and go back to your game. It will take some time for the graphical changes to take effects. Depending on the resolution of the resource pack, you could be waiting a few seconds or a few minutes. The bigger the pack, the longer the wait. The next time you enter the game, the changes would still remain.