LD Modern Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

LD Modern Resource Pack

Have you ever felt the world of Minecraft is sometimes just too simple or too primal? Do you want a bit of modern into your game? Well, if you do, then you probably want the LD Modern Resource Pack.

The texture in this pack has that state-of-the-art look on it. Stone in general just look a whole lot better.

LD Modern Resource Pack LD Modern Resource Pack LD Modern Resource Pack

However, not everything is good in this pack. Some of the blocks are just lazy. As a result, some material just look the same. In the desert, it is impossible to tell anything from the sand, it’s hard to know where the blocks begin and end.

Water and its animation looks good though. If you have been waiting for a pack to improve water render, be sure to add this into your game. But you should consider to install some sort of a shaderpack mod or something to improve the lighting and shadow to see the blocks clearer.

LD Modern Resource Pack LD Modern Resource Pack LD Modern Resource Pack

Obviously the theme of this pack is modernity. It is practical for someone who is looking to create a modern city in Minecraft. Or maybe if you’re just looking for something new to add into your game. The LD Modern Resource Pack surely will not disappoint.

LD Modern Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

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  • Added – Default Cake (Strawberry)
  • Added – Pizza (River Biome) WIP
  • Added – Chocolate Cake (Hell Biome)
  • Added – 2:1 Leaf/Grass
  • Added – 70:5 Tablet variations
  • Added – 70:6 Phone variations
  • Added – Electronica Sign 82:2 (Jungle biomes)
  • Added – Cobblestone Road Snow 78:8-15
  • Added – All the ores to fit with new stone – Coal, Iron ,Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond
  • Added – 30:1 Cans (Frozen Ocean biome)
  • Added – 30 :1 Beer bottles (Frozen River biome)
  • Changed – Stone Slab to have to cracks
  • Changed – Keyboard to have directions via biomes
  • Changed – Pumpkin
  • Changed – Jack o’Lantern

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Credit: Lord Dakr[/tie_list]