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The Ninja Mod for Minecraft


Minecraft’s Ninja Mod might remind anime like Naruto, but this is not simply a clone of that popular (but unfinished) mod. Essentially, this mod applies a number of new melee weapons like katanas, along with shurikens to attack from a range. It also gives out one structure, the dojo, which will spawn randomly in areas …

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Ships Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

Ships Mod

Ships Mod is a high-quality mod that gives players the ability to build functional ships using blocks. It changes the concept of sailing in Minecraft

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Improved First Person Mod for Minecraft

Improved First Person

It’s not too hard for players to guest what the Improved First Person mod does with only the name, and that’s absolutely a sign you’ve got an easy-to-understand mod. Minecraft is already played in the first person perspective by default, but it leaves a lot to be desired such as things like arms behind the …

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