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The Alpine Islands Map for Minecraft


Unlike what the name suggests, Minecraft’s Alpine Islands map isn’t about the frigid ocean climate. Actually, it’s in a very sunny and warm place, a completely tropical location that can be the wonderful place for a sweet escape to get some fun in the sun. This map is run by a company called Alpine, according …

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Imperial City Map for Minecraft


Game lovers might already know about the Elder Scrolls game series which is famous all over the world. It brings on innovative design, outstanding musical scores, cutting edge graphics and more. Some inspired architecture are also featured with several different races of people with many different cultures and the world is one big mixup. Skyrim …

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The Sunken Island Adventure Map for Minecraft


There is a fact that almost Minecraft players go through their randomly-generated worlds with the dream of their unique structures, ravines, villages, and other locations. They all wants their own things to look different from others’ Minecraft world. There’s no way to get anything truly exclusive from the game without making it on one’s own …

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Cops and Robbers 4: High Security Map


For all players who’ve ever tried any of the other three Cops and Robbers maps, High Security gets the highest expectation from Cops and Robbers 4. For the ones who’ve never tried it, just imagine something like prison escape meets actual prison. There would be a place where a team of players are inmates trying …

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