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Lonely Island Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Lonely Island map

Featuring 3,072 by 3,072 blocks, the Lonely Island is not exactly the largest Minecraft map available now, but it’s very likely the largest island that you have ever seen in this game.

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Treasure Island 2 Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Treasure Island 2 map

The Treasure Island 2 by DCHiD is not exactly based off of the classic tale of pirates at sea like in the novel, but it still features a lot of lush wilderness to explore, dungeons and temples to delve into and yes, the treasure for so sure, making it well worth for a try.

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Sky Element Map for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.8.9

Sky Element Map

With the Sky Element map, now you can not only enjoy the experience of building up something sustainable from an initially harsh environment, but also explore a decent adventure with an underlying story and ultimate mission. That definitely sounds great!!!

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Castle Project Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Castle Project Map

Actually, there are many castle and cathedral maps in Minecraft, however, the Castle Project map is still unique among them. So, what makes this map by Alice unique? The answer is that not only look great it does outside, this map has also an interior for players to explore. In fact, Castle Project features many hallways, rooms, stairwells and other places to explore. One noticeable thing is that the Castle is on an island, so you will have nothing to explore except these things.

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Agar.io Map for Minecraft 1.8.9

Agar.io Map

If you are looking for a new great kind of map for Minecraft, let’s check out the Agar.io right now. It’s definitely an interesting concept that may well be the first one of its kind to show up in the game.

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Ore Whacker Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Ore Whacker Map

Most of the custom maps in the world of Minecraft are designed for a single player. This leads to the fact that many players are looking for a decent multiplayer map. The Ore Whacker Map is an interesting multiplayer map.

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Castle Lividus Map for Minecraft 1.8.9

Castle Lividus map

The Castle Lividus features a humongous and expansive courthouse, marina, castle, and many other things. Definitely, it can take a solo player several days to thoroughly scan everything, or some hours if going with a few friends.

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