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A Link to the Past Resource Pack for Minecraft


The Legend of Zelda has been known as one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. Right from its title, it can be guessed that this pack will offer a number of consoles and portable gaming systems. Even with the fame and recognition, you will probably surprised seeing Link and friends showing up …

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SixtyGig Resource Pack for Minecraft


The SixtyGig resource pack tightly closes to Minecraft’s original look in that all the textures look the same and nothing seems to stand out more than it normally would. The upgrade to a 64x resolution makes the majority of the blocks, items, and icons pop more than normal, but they are all doing it together …

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Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack for Minecraft


In common, Minecraft mods are independent pieces of coding and scripting. However, they sometimes have resource packs which were designed specifically in order to be used with them. Dante’s Roguelike resource pack was made to work with the Battlegear 2 mod, which brings a lot of new weapons and armor pieces to Minecraft. Without that …

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