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Cops and Robbers 4: High Security Map


For all players who’ve ever tried any of the other three Cops and Robbers maps, High Security gets the highest expectation from Cops and Robbers 4. For the ones who’ve never tried it, just imagine something like prison escape meets actual prison. There would be a place where a team of players are inmates trying …

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Nidaros Cathedral Map for Minecraft


There might be more than one time you get a custom Minecraft map which is based on something from reality such as a place, a person or a thing. The Nidaros Cathedral map is one of them which is based on a cathedral. This map has shared the same name which its inspired thing. The …

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The Athyon Ascesent Map for Minecraft


It always makes sense for you to have doubt when you see a Minecraft map that is described with words like “perfect” and “paradise”. Every man, woman, and child who makes their own Minecraft map might think that their thing is excellent, except for those modest ones who get that they are churning out crap. …

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