Paintball Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

Paintball Mod

Today, I will introduce a very wonderful mod for you all. This is Paintball Mod. This mod comes with interesting capacities and characteristics that faultlessly reproduce the abundantly cherished and revered take a break of ‘Paintballing’. Developed by by designer “Ikinx”, this mod features great things for Minecraft world such as protection sets, diverse sorts of weapons, banners and paintball pellets. This mod is wonderful recommendation for you to put in your Minecraft collection of mods.  The other thing to say about this mod is that the love sets are made in the same path as all other love sets, aside from with hued downy to figure out what protection color you crave! From that, players have chance to create a group signal for your group by consolidating sticks, shaded downy and three pieces of stone! In addition, you can made weapons for your group with iron, pellets and stays! Overall, thí mod will give you a chance to do everything that you have never done before. Just get and try it once at least and it will not make you disappointed for sure! Have fun!

Paintball Mod Paintball Mod Paintball Mod

How to install Paintball Mod for Minecraft?

  1. Download and install “Minecraft Forge” from above.
  2. Download the “Universal Files” from below and open it.
  3. Extract the “Paintball.jar” it contains into the “mods” folder of your Minecraft directory.
  4. Play Paintball!

Download Links for Paintball Mod

for Minecraft 1.8

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: lKinx – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum