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Parfait Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.8.9

When it comes to a parfait, we often think of very tasty desserts consisting of layers of fruit, ice-cream, and yogurt, etc. However, unlike what we first expected, the Parfait resource pack for Minecraft has nothing to do with the food for sure. Instead, it is actually a play on the original French dictionary version of the word, meaning “perfect” in English. Well, the Parfait is a quite high definition resource pack, featuring the resolution of 64×64 with a solid sense of realism built right into its design.

Parfait resource pack

That means the blocks now look less like the cartoony things than they are in the vanilla game and more like something you expect to see when going outside. With this pack, the grass (not grassy dirt) is exceptionally good, with a nice 3D model that well responds to a wide range of shader packs and creates several cool shadow effects. Additionally, water also has ripples and waves in it, giving players the ability to make the real oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds, which all actually look like they are filled with real water instead of the blue blocks that you can swim through. Well, the same thing also goes for lava.

Parfait resource pack

Parfait resource pack

At present, updates are still being regularly released for this Parfait resource pack. This is good news for anyone using this pack, since new content seems to come out at a steady pace. However, for some people, the Parfait isn’t a good choice already as it’s still an uncompleted project. But it doesn’t matter at all if you are fine with an unfinished pack. Still, players who are looking for a more engrossing pack without vanilla textures all over the place will definitely want to check out something else.

Parfait resource pack

Parfait resource pack

Parfait Resource Pack for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Added a few extra items.
  • New plant seeds.
  • Grass sides fixed.

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Credit: Nibblets

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