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Minecraft Resource Packs

Ty’s Vanilla+ Resource Pack for Minecraft


This brand new resource pack does the old things in a new way. Ty’s Vanilla+ resource pack uses a boosted resolution and better graphics to improve the look of Minecraft’s vanilla textures. Unlike many other “faithful” resource packs, this pack manages to do its mission without actually increasing the resolution of anything. Thanks to this …

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SixtyGig Resource Pack for Minecraft


The SixtyGig resource pack tightly closes to Minecraft’s original look in that all the textures look the same and nothing seems to stand out more than it normally would. The upgrade to a 64x resolution makes the majority of the blocks, items, and icons pop more than normal, but they are all doing it together …

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Soulbound Resource Pack for Minecraft


It might be impossible for the Soulbound resource pack with a standard resolution of 16x to produce quality visuals. This point is undeniable since Minecraft uses that same resolution without any pack or mod applied. However, the Soulbound pack really brings somethings interesting to the table with other low resolution resource packs just don’t. At …

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