SarcaPack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.4

SarcaPack Resource Pack

If you are looking for a simple resource pack, you won’t difficultly find a better pack than Sarcapack resource pack. With this pack installed, players will find the Minecraft world is not a bunch of Lego blocks but it is much more real than that. All tuetures in this pack look simple and flat, besides, the colors is reduced significantly. The simplity of detail and variety makes Minecraft have a good effect about visual. The Minecraft’s look in this pack is much better than normal.

SarcaPack Resource Pack SarcaPack Resource Pack

With SarcaPack, you will be surprised by colors of wool blocks. They look softer and fuzzier than those in normal. The special thing in this pack is that the author pay much attention to rare blocks such as pumpkins. They look really higligt in this pack. That make especially debatable. In additions, the SarcaPack also adds a point to replace all paiting imagine. That is a nice point to say about this pack, especially for those who want to fill their home with art.

SarcaPack Resource Pack

One thing must be said for users about the SarcaPack pack is that it will never be finished because developer will constantly update and change items in Minecraft world. I don’t know this is good or bad for players. However, it can lead to some issues because the updates in the future can break your resource pack. Of course, if you feel OK with these changes, this pack is very great for you. In general, this is a nice simple pack which is easy to use for everyone and worthy being in your collection of resource pack. Get and try it if you are looking for something like that. Have fun!

SarcaPack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.4 Changelogs

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  • First public release!

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