T42’s HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.3

T42’s HD Resource Pack

If you fall in love with the Silent Hill game series or dark, atmospheric fear theme, you might also love T42’s HD resource pack for sure. Though, T42’s HD is not a Silent Hill resource pack. This pack is just dark along with the textures which look worn and damaged. When T42’s HD is installed, players will find an underground dungeon, then these textures will be put to wonderful effect and create a frightening hole in the ground.

T42’s HD Resource Pack T42’s HD Resource Pack T42’s HD Resource Pack

The textures above the ground are also very good in this resource pack. In particularly, this pack features marble-white color of various stone bricks which bring feeling of Ancient Greece of Rome. Although some textures look same as usual like sugarcane, the T42’s HD changes almost things in Minecraft world. This pack has resolution of 64x so everything in this pack is quite clear and great. Besides, this pack works with Minecraft version up to 1.6, however, it has some bugs while using.

T42’s HD Resource Pack

Some issues can be named as fire and burning animations. They are not perfect anymore. You will see clearly this problem when use flint and steel in a forest. That is not all! You can not deny that the GUI is very ugly. However, this is the problem about cosmetic. This resource pack works normally and does not cause any craches for you computer. Overall, is you like kind of this theme and accept these issues, you can use it to have something strange in Minecraft. Give it a look, download and have great time with this resource pack. Hope you all have funny time in Minecraft world!

T42’s HD Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.3 Changelogs

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  • Fixed upside down zombies.
  • Updated look of glass bottle.
  • Updated look of string.

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Credit: tpelham42