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Techno’s Timeless Resource Pack for Minecraft

It might be impossible for any resource pack to be “Timeless”. There are many packs which get updated all the time or get no updated and then stop working with more recent version of Minecraft. There are also packs which keep working without new textures and finally end up looking butchered. So you might have doubts about Techno’s Timeless resource pack when hearing the name. It’s obviously a normal reaction. However, after taking sometime to install the pack and load up a world with it enabled, you will completely understand the reason for calling it a timeless pack.



There are many amazing things about this pack that explain why the author give it that name. The textures are simple but effective, boasting a low resolution but a crisp and clean look which is not available in Minecraft’s standard textures. Items, blocks, and objects like gravel, dirt, or grass look better without those muddy and hazy effects. While Techno’s Timeless resource pack features many similar textures to change the colors with simple palette swaps, it lacks of the way simplistic packs were meant to be. Thanks to a lot of similar textures, your computer will be much easier to render chunks.


These things are all interesing features of Techno’s Timeless resource pack. This pack is not suitable for players who are not into simplistic textures of Minecraft packs that bring a cartoon or retro look from the 80s era. However, you’d better give it a chance to explore yourselft what a timeless resource pack can be.

Techno’s Timeless Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Added textures for alot of items.

Download Links for Techno’s Timeless Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Techno’s Timeless Textures.zip

Credit: _TechnoMiner_ – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft.

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